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• Coordinates the proper administration of all procurement, contractor registration, appropriate pricing and timely delivery of goods and services and also ensures that support services are given efficiently and effectively to all functional areas.
• Responsible for carrying out appropriate market and statistical surveys and prepare the analysis of the cost implications of a proposed procurement.
 Implement procurement policies and procedures for the Authority in line with its overall objectives and strategies.
 Ensures the aggregation and categorization of all procurement requests from all the departments/units so as to obtain economies of scale.
 Provides adequate information and communication in respect of bids by conducting where necessary, pre-bid conference.
 Ensure the effective and efficient development of bids by sourcing and providing necessary information for this purpose.
 Maintains frequent communication with LSPPA on bid outcomes and recommendations.
 Reviews, analyses, award of contracts within limits of authority/thresholds.
 Coordinates, monitors all key procurements for the Authority by monitoring requests for goods, works and services from all offices and departments/units with a view to recommending cause of action to management.
 Ensures the timely development and quality of all bids and organizes communications with bidders.
 Coordinates bid evaluation on goods, works, technical and financial proposals and negotiate with consultants.
 Initiates emergency procurement.
 Ensures the transparency in the disposal of property.
 Maintain suppliers, contractors and consultants data bank.
 Ensures that the suppliers, contractors and consultants are paid on time.
 Monitors compliance with service level agreements by the contractors.
 Prepares and updates procurement forms and sends to users periodically.
 Ensures the issuance of receipts and keeps bid documents in safe custody until opening.
 Prepares bid documents, undertakes the preliminary examination of bids for compliance and organizes the public opening of bids.
 Participates in bid opening and communication of outcomes to successful bidders.
 Prepare and evaluates Expression of Interests(EOI) and prepares Requests for Proposals(RFP)
 Prepares and updates Annual Procurement Plan for the Authority.
 Responds to memorandum from offices and departments/units on procurement matters.
 Maintain files and electronic records of procurement.
 Ensures the use of e-procurement and e-actions.
 Assists with the LASPPA investigations as and when required.
 Prepares the advertisement and publications to solicit for bids in line with the existing legislation.
 Prepares reports on RFQs and LPOs.
 Participates in the inspection of suppliers’/ contractors’ sites.
 Participates in carrying out visits to requester’s sites to determine need.